What You Need To Know Before You Start Landscaping

You want to get the most out of your outdoor living space. You may desire a place to cook in the sunshine and enjoy a glass of red wine as the sunsets. Or you may contemplate creating a space for summer barbecues with friends or family. Whatever your vision, you can make it happen, and we have some tips that will help. 

Start by defining your vision

Do you want a large patio over concrete or would you rather have a wooden deck? A wooden deck is generally easier to build yourself. However, concrete will be more durable. What about your stairs? Will you need access to the second floor? What size are the windows around your outside living area? All these details matter. You don’t want to tile the floor and then realise that it doesn’t have enough natural lighting. A larger window with a large wooden deck over concrete may allow you to add plantings or structural elements to your patio without sacrificing privacy.

Start small

According to paving contractors, landscaping and the materials to build the patio are probably the most expensive part of creating an outdoor living space. Start small and do it in sections. For example, you may decide to install a deck on top of your concrete patio. This will allow you to create a place where you can sit and enjoy the outside without worrying that someone will trip over the toys or that you are going to be eating on paper plates because they were left out.

The next step may be adding lighting and some plants in containers. Maybe add a few throw pillows or a small table and chairs to make it your own. Don’t forget about the ambiance as well as comfort.

You can add plants to the edge of your decking to give it a more finished look and provide some privacy. You may also want to integrate plants into your living space in containers or built-in planters. Just keep in mind that you need to be able to maintain them well and provide the right amount of sunlight. You may also want to consider adding a small stone wall or two. This will create a definite edge to your patio or deck and add interest to your space. Remember, if you make changes, plan how it will impact plants and grasses already there.

Pull it all together

The true beauty of outdoor living space is in the details. A table with a couple of chairs, some potted plants, and some beautiful flowers will make it your own. And you can change them up as the seasons come and go. Incorporate some lighting to make it easy to enjoy an evening out with friends or a warm summer evening by the fire pit. Add comfortable seating for those summer nights when you invite friends over for dinner on the patio.

Incorporating bold accents is an excellent way of using what you have while creating a more exciting space. Add some pillows and throws to accent any furniture you purchase. You can also use these materials to add colour to your patio. 

Build with quality

This is essential advice if you work with concrete or wooden decking or even landscaping. If you are spending a lot of time out on your patio or deck, make sure you get the best materials for the job. Besides being very expensive in most cases, there is such a thing as cheap wood. With wood, you may get several benefits from the finish, the type of wood, and even from working with stains and paint.

You may consider building a fire pit or outdoor kitchen next to your patio space. You can manage the fire, and the kitchen will have a built-in cooking surface. It can be fun to cook outside, and it will also offer another benefit.

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