Top Trending Front Door Colours and Styles for 2023

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Front door colours and styles can significantly impact the overall curb appeal of a home. If you are planning a front door renovation project, but need clarification on the plethora of door styles and colour options, then check out the latest trend.

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Some Top Front Door Colour And Style Trends For 2023

Front Door Colours:

Bold Blues:

Deep, rich blues like navy or royal blue are expected to be popular in 2023. These colours make a strong statement and can work well with a variety of home exteriors.

Earthy Greens:

Green is a versatile colour that can range from muted sage to bold emerald. It complements natural surroundings and can create a fresh, welcoming look.

Warm Neutrals:

Shades of warm neutrals, such as soft beige, taupe, or warm gray, are timeless and can easily blend with different architectural styles.


Black front doors continue to be an evergreen option for modern and traditional homes alike. They convey sophistication and elegance.

Front Door Styles:

Modern and Minimalist:

Clean lines and simple designs are increasingly popular. Look for sleek, minimalistic doors with smooth surfaces and minimal hardware.

Craftsman Style:

Craftsman-style doors with their characteristic panels, sidelights, and glass inserts remain a timeless choice, especially for bungalow and Craftsman-style homes.

Rustic and Natural:

Natural wood doors with a rustic finish or distressed look can add warmth and character to a home’s exterior.

Glass Accents:

Doors with glass inserts or sidelights are in demand, as they allow natural light into the entryway and create an inviting atmosphere.

Dutch Doors:

Dutch doors, which can be divided into two independently operable sections, are making a comeback. They are both functional and charming.

Custom Designs:

More homeowners are opting for custom-designed doors that reflect their unique style and personality. This can include custom carvings, special hardware, and personalized finishes.

Trends are a source of inspiration. The most crucial factor in choosing a front door colour and style is how well it complements your home’s architecture, your personal taste, and the climate in your area.

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