Creating a Space for Healing

2020 was not a good year for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic, bush fires, earthquakes — these are news from all over the world that made us all resent the year that was.

The past year has been stressful for most of us, to say the least. It is already January, and we should start claiming 2021 to be our year of healing. This is the year when we take a stand and do what is right for our communities. We can do this by coming together and letting ourselves heal.

Whatever trauma, pain, or illness you are healing from, it is important to create a safe space where you can simply be yourself and let loose. This safe space should be your home.

Healing in Safe Spaces

Everyone deserves a safe home whether you are healing from your past or not. If you are going through a healing process, creating modifications in your home can enhance this journey.

You deserve to heal in a space that makes you feel safe and secure. You deserve the peace of mind of a loving home. So how do you modify your space into a healing haven?

Creating a Healing Space

Elevate the sense of comfort in your space. May it be in the form of furniture or temperature, remember that you are in control of your surroundings. Modify what needs to be done so you can safely relax in your home. Comfort can also mean keeping emergency numbers in plain sight in case anything happens. This may give you peace of mind during your healing process.

This is probably the best time for you to remove clutter from your area. Having excess items in your space may tend to clutter your mind as well. Give yourself room to breathe so you can clear your mind and gather your thoughts properly.

Add potted plants in the corners of your home. Bringing in nature inside, especially during the lockdown, may help fend off cabin fever. Ease your stress by adding plants that may enhance your oxygen flow at home, helping you breathe better.

Welcome daylight into your home. You may opt for lighter and thinner curtains that allow more light in without compromising your privacy. Removing clutter may also increase sunlight in your rooms if the clutter tends to block windows.

Stimulate your senses. You can try aromatherapy and essential oil diffusers that could help you relax when you are feeling tense. Decorate your rooms with colors you like to keep you at ease with your surroundings. Installing stylish designer wallpaper may help you feel refreshed if your walls have been feeling dull recently.

There are a lot of ways to modify your space into a healing haven. Ask friends and family to help you redecorate and redesign your space to keep up with your healing process.

Although your space is important, you should also look within when it comes to healing.

Thinking Happy Thoughts

The first step of healing is to be willing to heal. It does not matter what flowers you put on your table or what curtains you buy for your living room. Your healing will not take place until you accept the fact that you need to heal.

Let your family in. Your friends and family care for you deeply. They should be your support system during this emotional time. Allow them to help you in your journey towards a better future.

Take time to exercise and move. Exercise is proven to be an effective stress-reliever for most people. Aside from keeping you healthy, the release of endorphins will make you feel happy and safe.

Limit your intake of social media. This may be difficult because of the lockdown. We know it could be hard to sit still and be alone with your thoughts. Despite this, there are ways to avoid feeling lonely when you are alone at home. Try to keep a diary and journal your thoughts every day. This will allow you to have an avenue for your feelings. It will let you process emotions and thoughts that may seem toxic for your emotional well-being. Social media is good entertainment, but quiet time is important.

The healing process, especially an emotional one, is a difficult journey for anyone. It is understandable that you would want to modify your space to feel safer and more secure. Always remember that your loved ones are there to be your support system. The healing process may be improved by doing modifications at home, but true healing lies within.

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