The Cheating issues of the Couples

No one enters a healthy marriage by watching every step of the spouse to see if they are being betrayed or not. This is insane to say the least. Loving implies trusting and believing until the other disappoint us and not before that.

  • A mature love is built on trust in each other, but we know that the human being is flawed and if there are no well-defined limits personally, everyone can fall into the temptation of a flirt and even a case.
  • “Prevention” is personal. Each has a duty to take care of his character and keep his promises. Watching your spouse’s every step will have no effect in preventing his or her mistakes.
  • Listing behaviors to check for possible betrayal can be counterproductive, as each attitude can have multiple interpretations.

If a husband starts working out or his wife wants to lose weight, does that mean he or she is cheating? If one of the two erases all conversation records, does that mean he is hiding something? It may not always be just a need to improve health and appearance or because the phone has little memory. You can visit there.

But if unfortunately serious signs start to appear (lies, lame excuses, strange working hours, changes in routine) and you begin to feel that the heart of the loved one does not belong to you alone, it is good to be alert. It may just be impression. But when in doubt, check out the 10 secret ways to spot a traitor. Use at your own risk.

Avoid direct confrontation

This is the method that works least. Not only because of the possibility of confronting and confronting the partner if he is innocent, as well as the loss of time. No traitor will tell you that he cheats just because you asked. It may even get worse, as the other will be alert and try to be even more discreet. Before confronting, you should consider whether or not your spouse would do such a thing. If you decide that there is a possibility, monitor it.

Make a diary

The mind doesn’t want to see the error in loved ones, so don’t rely on memory. Write down everything your spouse says. Where was it, what time, who you were with, people you were with, the excuses you gave. At some point you may need to cross check this information.

Monitor credit cards and others

Credit card bills, parking tickets, phone bills, bank statements, etc. All of which can provide important clues to cross with your notes. For example: The spouse says he was working late on Thursday and you find a parking ticket in his car with the same date and time, but somewhere else. Before the other challenges your memory, it is better to have everything recorded.

Monitor the cell phone

If you have access to your partner’s phone, see if there are repeated calls to a single number, regardless of the name registered there (traitors usually register the number of the “case” without a name or with the name of a friend of the same sex).

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