Evan Rubinson Becomes USF Muma College of Business Advisory Board Member 

The University of South Florida, also known as USF, is home to the Muma College of Business. This department instructs the next generation of business leaders and owners. The school has appointed a new member to its Advisory Board, Evan Rubinson. His term on the board lasts one year, and after that it is renewable. In his role as an Advisory Board member, he will serve as a mentor to students and offer them case studies from real-world businesses to help them better understand the business world. He said he is honored to serve in this new role and to bring his unique set of skills to the group.

Mentoring and Educating Students

The Muma College of Business has a marketing program that is a four-day program that immerses students in digital marketing in a hands-on way. During this program, students are instructed on how to be successful with digital marketing through important techniques and principles. They work on taking on challenges from the real world and get practice using the best practices from successful companies, instructors, and experts in digital marketing. During this program, students learn how to build new skills and to develop a portfolio of their marketing efforts

During his term as an Advisory Board member, Evan Rubinson will earn a certificate in digital marketing and work with students as a mentor. He also may have internships available to students. He is already a member of the school’s college admissions advisory committee. His work as a mentor will help students to eliminate their barriers to success and to develop their own marketing strategies. They learn to develop a mindset that places the customer first and to get insights into the customer’s needs.


Other Career Highlights

Evan Rubinson is a businessman who founded Koroit Capital, a hedge fund that invests in biotech and healthcare companies. He has a wealth of financial experience and expertise, and he is highly knowledgeable about government regulations and policymaking. At 25, he moved from a career in finance and transitioned into the president of a musical instrument company called Armadillo Enterprises. It operates famous percussion brands. He founded a new company, ERA Music, which is a conglomerate of several instrument companies.

He is also a supporter of several philanthropic causes such as Wounded Warriors, Southeastern Guide Dogs, The Mike Calta Family Foundation, and the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He also has membership in the National Association of Music Merchants. He has a B.A. from Duke University in economics and public policy. Evan Rubinson assists in interviewing applicants to the university and is proud to donate as an alumnus. Read more about Evan Rubinson on

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