Tips to bet on upcoming cricket matches and win money

Cricket gambling is one way to make money quickly. The cricket betting market is growing in popularity as a result of the possibility of making a respectable profit from it.

You can easily join this cricket gambling platform and possibly make a good profit if you have a solid understanding of cricket. However, you can still make money even if you are new to this platform. In this post, we are going to provide you some online cricket betting free tips that can help you to become a master of this cricket betting field. 

  • Research about the team. Take a look if team members are good enough to beat a opponent or not.

Keep in mind that a good team’s chances of winning are much higher than a bad team’s. If Afghanistan and India play each other, for example, India is more likely to win. India’s batting and bowling teams are stronger than those of Afghanistan. If you don’t want to lose as much money when you bet on cricket, you should back India here.

  • Make a research about the pitch before placing a cricket bet

If you look at the field, you can probably guess how the game will end. If the pitch is good for hitting and teams have scored well on it in the past, it’s better to bet on the team with the better batting line-up. As an example, the order in which England bats is stronger than Pakistan’s. If the pitch in a match between Pakistan and England is good for batting, you should bet on England. If the pitch is good for bowling, if it’s fast, or if you can see inside or outside swing, you should bet on Pakistan.

  • If it is possible always place your bet after seeing the toss result

The winner of a game is sometimes decided by tossing a coin. From the first at-bat on, some stadiums make it harder to hit the ball as the game goes on. Australia chose to bat first when India’s captain Sourav Ganguli lost the toss in the 2003 World Cup final. Early on, it was easy to score a lot of runs on that field, but as the game went on, it got harder to score runs. In the end, India lost because they couldn’t win the game in the second innings. So, you should get ready for the pitch well before the coin is flipped, and then decide if you want to bet or not. You may have a better chance of winning the bet if you use this strategy.

  • Before you bet on a team, it’s important to know what’s going on with them.

A player gets hurt and has to be taken off the field.

In the second case, a player drops out for personal or moral reasons.

Third, when the board puts a player on hold.

All of these things could have an effect on how the game turns out. When a star player leaves a team, it affects the whole team and makes it easier for the other team to win. This means that before we make any bets, we need to know who all the players are.

  • Betting tips for you if you are betting on individual players

You can bet on individual players’ or bowlers’ stats instead of the final score, such as the number of runs they score or the number of wickets they take. When you make this kind of bet, it’s important to keep an eye on the player’s stats. If a player has a great season, you may win a lot of money if you bet on him. It doesn’t matter how the game turns out.

If you bet on Virat Kohli getting a hundred against Australia, it wouldn’t matter if India won or lost. If Kohli gets a hundred, your bet will pay off big.

  • Make you fantasy team on online betting apps and win money 

You can make a team and win money if you get enough points in a certain kind of bet. In a cricket match, for example, India and Bangladesh are going up against each other. For that game, you have to put together a team, and you can choose players from both sides. Getting more points depends on how well your team does. If you’re still in first place at that time, you’ll win a big prize. In the same way, it doesn’t matter what happens here. What matters is how well you do in terms of how many points you get from your imaginary team and where you end up overall.

  • Mental preparation before placing a gamble

If you can win with fewer bets, the odds are better. Even though this is common sense, a lot of gamblers still don’t listen. To win at gambling, you have to put in some mental work. You shouldn’t have more than three or four choices in a single accumulator. Putting in accumulators that can store 20 times their normal amount of energy over and over again is a waste of money. The idea of future benefits is appealing, but the chances of actually getting them are low. People usually know that gamblers can lose a lot of money in one bet. Imagine that a rich gambler puts 500,000 Indian rupees on a team that has a 4/6 chance of winning. If this bet wins, the gambler will get 333,000 Indian Rupees. A person who knows what they are doing might bet between one thousand and two thousand Indian rupees on a certain outcome. If you have to bet, bet on a number that is a multiple of three or four.

  • Never choose odd things that has less probability of winning

If you bet on the underdog in cricket and they win, you will get five times the amount of your original bet. Still, you shouldn’t take such a chance. This bet could cost a huge amount of money. Because of this, you should never bet on the underdog.

  • Listen to your brain not heart while betting

Last but not least, when gambling, it’s important to keep your feelings in check. Think about the following situation: You’re an Indian person watching a cricket match between India and Pakistan. Many important Indian players can’t play because they have other national or international obligations. Then you should try your luck with Pakistan instead of India.


Several things will affect how the game turns out. Before betting on upcoming cricket games, you should always keep these things in mind. But keep in mind that cricket can be hard to predict. Before putting a big chunk of your money at risk, it’s important to think things through carefully.

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