The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Children’s Activities Sector

When we say Artificial Intelligence (commonly known in its abbreviated form “AI”), it may seem like some incredibly difficult topic to understand. Many worry if they should be excited about the change in our day-to-day lives that AI will bring, or not. In our world today, many things are done easier and efficiently with the help of AI. Before moving further into the main point of this article, let us first define Artificial Intelligence to fully understand what literally is Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (also abbreviated as “AI”), in the most simple understanding, is the application of science and engineering in making computers behave intelligently — in particular, intelligent computer programs that work and think like humans. It is basically the ability of a machine to learn without any explicit programming. From the security and surveillance cameras that have software technologies like facial recognition and object recognition, the smart speakers, to the social media platforms, the artificial intelligence of one kind or another is all around us, all of the time.

To enlighten you, the main point of this article, after such an introduction to what AI is, is to enumerate some of the roles of AI in children’s activities.

So, what is the role of AI when it comes to children’s activities? To answer this question please read along as we state some!

Artificial intelligence, like what we have said earlier, is all around us. And like a human being, it also has roles in different sectors.

Here is a glimpse into some of the roles of what Artificial Intelligence will play in the sector of children’s activities:

Roles of Artificial Intelligence in the Children’s Activities

In education, Artificial Intelligence can automate grading the children’s activities.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, classes are now done online. Homework, projects, and other activities are to be submitted on online learning platforms like Google Classroom. Checking the documents can be very tedious. Since grading takes up a significant amount of time, the time that teachers use to prepare for their classes instead gets used up.

Although AI may not really replace human grading, it is getting close and will improve over the coming years. It may not yet be perfect but it will make the job a lot more efficient. Rajesh Shah, Lead Developer of kids class management software, ClassEvo, said “AI is not the future, it is already here improving efficiency but also recalibrating the way we need to think about problems. Here at ClassEvo we are using AI to predict demand for classes, customer retention, and pricing optimisation. As the technologies improve, this is going to significantly change the way that traditional industries like education will be transformed by EdTech.”

Helps in solving problems. Artificial Intelligence allows them to solve problems quickly and efficiently on their own.

Artificial Intelligence can help in enhancing children’s problem-solving skills. They will be able to solve problems with creative ideas without others’ assistance with the help of intelligent computer systems. This is because the amount of data we can access and the process with the help of artificial intelligence have increased over time.

Artificial Intelligence as an entertainer, in games, to be exact.

A lot of children have great interests in games. It is their most popular activity. Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in making games a lot more interesting. As time passes by, different game developers are able to make very fun engaging games for children of different ages.

An example of a game using Artificial Intelligence is Minecraft. It is an open-world game where players can travel anywhere they want and decide when. There are NPC’s which they can associate with. It is also very appealing for a lot of children because of its building mechanics.

Artificial Intelligence as a provider of additional assistance to students, as tutors.

Artificial intelligence helps tutoring and studying programs become more advanced.

There are times that children are struggling with school activities or when preparing for a test. In times like this, students can rely on artificial intelligence-based tutoring programs. Programs like these can help assist students with it so that they can have a better understanding of it, may it be basic math, advanced trigonometry, organic chemistry, or whatever the subject is.

Artificial Intelligence as an assistant.

Children’s minds, because of lots of information that their brain needs to process and remember in a day, sometimes forget the important ones. So, there are things that are called to-do lists, where they list notes about important meetings and important information, writing lecture notes, and many other ways of note-taking. All of these tasks had to be completed manually, which would then take a lot of our time and effort. But guess what? Artificial Intelligence has the ability to execute the same task over and over without being tired and breaking a sweat. It’s capable of handling a large number of commands in a single day!

The assistant can do it all! From taking notes for your important meetings, to making your to-do list, and many other countless things you need to do. The assistant has it all covered!

Artificial Intelligence as translators.

In doing activities, children sometimes find sources from the internet. Some are not confident about their skills in that language and doubt if they really understood what was said, this is where AI does its role. Artificial Intelligence can translate speech that really helps a lot to those individuals who speak several languages or have vision or hearing problems.

To conclude, the purpose of this research was to give you some ideas about some of the roles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in children ‘s activities. Based on the information that we have gathered, Artificial Intelligence can play a lot of roles that can essentially help in different children’s activities. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, it has become even more useful due to online classes. Surrounded by Artificial Intelligence, most children grow up knowing about it and can help them develop independence since it can help them solve problems on their own efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence is going to improve and become even better in the future. As it improves, its roles when it comes to the children’s activities and other sectors will also increase and new advantages of Artificial Intelligence for kids will then be introduced.

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