Which Metal is Right for you When Choosing Men’s Wedding Bands?

Wedding rings denote lifelong commitment, so no wonder it takes so much time to choosing a ring for both the partners. For years, there have been countless options for women, like various shapes of diamonds and gemstones for complementing an engagement ring. But men always have had limited choices. But, nowadays, many men are seeking wedding bands that complement their lifestyle and fashion sense and for the same, metal bands has always been one of the major things to consider. As every metal bears its own unique properties that impact comfort, care, and durability, it can be hard to determine which is ideal for you. This article will help you do just the same.

  1. Yellow gold

They are available in a large number of styles ranging from minimalist to embellished. While this metal is deemed valuable because of its rich tones, pure gold is way too soft to wear without adding any copper and zinc alloy to make it stronger and durable. The amount of pure gold in a wedding ring in Singapore determines its karat value which is commonly 14k or 18k. Another advantage being, that yellow gold is very resistant to corrosion, tarnish and rust which makes it super easy to resize and engrave. It is also comfortable and light in weight and doesn’t even discolor your skin or cause any reaction.

  1. Rose gold

This has also been a very famous choice for wedding rings. As many couples prefer going for matching wedding bands, men love this combination too. The composition of rose gold is quite similar to yellow gold but has 25 percent copper in the mix to gain its romantic hue and tones. Copper is the main factor that increases the durability in the metal. But here is the con, the gold/copper alloy always discolors skin or may cause allergic reaction than other kinds of gold.

  1. White gold

It also bears the advantages of yellow gold and is more durable. For gaining its signature silvery hue, the pure cold is combined with nickel and silver and then eventually plated in rhodium. It is the alloy that leads to more resiliency than yellow gold. If you like how platinum looks, but seeking a cheaper option, white gold is the best.

  1. Platinum

Platinum are deemed the most valuable because of their timeless beauty. As it comes to the top of the chain, natural platinum is 30 times rarer than gold. And it also makes rings that is around 95 to 98 percent pure. Platinum is dense, but not too rigid for resizing or engraving. The cons here are its scarcity and density.

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