What You Need to Know About San Diego Replacement Window Warranties

If you ever looked at a product warranty of any type, it probably didn’t take you too long to start getting confused an start wondering what all of the technical and legal information means for you. Warranties typically contain information about what circumstances will cause a company to repair or replace a damaged or defective item. Typically a warranty contains a lot of caveats—circumstances in which the manufacturer will not be required to remedy the problem.

When it comes to replacement windows, manufacturers’ warranties can vary quite a bit. Some manufacturers will offer warranties that are only good for a few years. Others will offer a lifetime warranty on their products, or even a double lifetime warranty.

A lifetime warranty isn’t exactly what it sounds like. When a window manufacturer uses the term “lifetime,” what they really mean is “as long as the original purchaser owns the home.” Once you sell your home, the warranty is no longer valid. But on the other hand, if you stay in your home for 30+ years, and have a problem with your replacement windows at any time, it should be covered, provided the issues is the result of a manufacturing defect (as long as the manufacturer is still in business). With a double lifetime warranty, the replacement windows you purchase are covered from defects for as long as you own the home, and then the warranty can also be passed on to the subsequent homeowner (provided you fill out some paperwork transferring the warranty to them).

As mentioned earlier, replacement window warranties typically have a lot of caveats in the fine print. For example, a manufacturer often won’t cover windows that are damaged due to extreme weather. They also won’t repair or replace a window that wasn’t properly maintained, or one that was not installed correctly. Certain elements may not be eligible for repair or replacement if the home is in a coastal zone.

A good replacement window warranty will often include coverage for accidental glass breakage. This means that the manufacturer will repair broken glass, no questions asked!

If you don’t want to read all of the details in a replacement window warranty, make sure you work with a seller who can clearly (and honestly) explain the most important points to you. An independent replacement window company in San Diego, such as BM Windows, will be able to help you compare the replacement window warranties of the window brands you are considering.

In addition to a great manufacturer’s warranty, you should also look for a San Diego replacement window company that offers an installation warranty. Having both types of warranties means you will be fully covered, no matter what issue pops up with your new windows. Most replacement window companies in San Diego don’t offer an installation warranty, so make sure you ask about this specifically before deciding which company to go with! It can mean the difference between having an issue fully covered and having to pay out of pocket to have a window repaired or replaced.

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