Kayak Storage System for Top-Quality Yacht

A quality boat needs to have excellent storage. With top-quality kayaks and canoes, you don’t have to tuck them away. Today, the market has a broad selection of kayak and canoe storage systems. Although the basic principles are similar, these storage systems have varying features, including two brackets plus webbing connected to studs of the inner wall to support different boats. Essentially, Talic kayak and canoe storage offer significant flexibility for boats with varying lengths, heights, and widths.

Talic Kayak Tilt XL kayak storage system

This type of storage system is restructured to contain boats of almost all shapes and sizes. It comes with webbing wraps surrounding the two ends to safeguard the boat from hitting against hardware or wood. So, you can proceed and toss your boat in without worrying about your security. It’s made of Southern Yellow Pine verticals, two-inch-wide webbing, Baltic Birch, and Stainless Steel hardware.

Note that the Talic Kayak Tilt XL storage system can be mounted on any wall. The brackets fold when not in use, and therefore they are space-efficient. The brackets measure 21″ tall x 6.5″ deep once folded, and while in use, it’s 17″ tall x 18″. However, this storage system is not ideal for use in the outdoor environment.

The most interesting thing about this storage system is the tilt making them a perfect fit for most boats regardless of width or length. But gunwale height is the limiting factor here. To confirm whether the tilt suits your kayak, measure 36″ on the two sides of the aft/fore centreline in order to attain gunwale measurement. This is because the brackets are located at that point.  Just set your boat on the ground, and measure 36″ on each centerline side and that is it.

Talic Canoe Roost

The Talic Canoe Roost beats other canoe storage rack systems. The soft two-inch, thick and wide webbing ‘levitates’ yachts beyond the framework meaning your boat won’t dent on any hard surfaces or get scratched.

You can mount the arms to interior wall studs. Also, a chart is provided containing instructions to help you evaluate the right distance between arms for your boat. When in use, the arms measure 38.5 inches long. Besides, the racks fold up when not in use, and therefore they are space conscious. These arms measure 3.5 inches deep and 38 inches tall.

Talic Canoe Roost is best for kayaks or canoes that are roughly 40 inches less or wide. That’s under a hundred pounds. It’s made of Birchwoods, Yellow Pine, and Nylon webbing. It comprises all essential stainless steel hardware meant for mounting. It also comes with easy-to-apply instructions.

They are crafted using Ashwoods and Yellow Pine and are to be used outside. Note that if you intend to mount your Canoe Roost on the masonry wall, you’ll have to buy a Masonry Wall Mounting Kit.

Woodlands Starter Kit 1

This system is the same as the tilt but contains two boats to a maximum of 5 paddles on explicitly made paddle racks. The maximum height of the yacht is twelve at the gunwale, while the all-out width is unlimited. Woodlands Starter Kit modular system comes with duo rails connected to the wall studs. Also, it has cradles for accessories and boats fitting into rails slots. Accessory brackets hold the fly rods, bikes, and skis, not to mention that you can add shelves to hold your other essentials.

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