How to take care of your appearance during quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen to it that many people are staying home and doing less social interactions. This can harm both your mental and physical health. During this period of confinement, eating healthy, looking after our mental and physical health is essential, but upgrading your quarantine look plays an integral part in improving your mood. With the pandemic having many of us at home without taking a trip to the salon for root touch-ups or pedicures, many are struggling in the self-care department. You can always try to get through the day without looking like a hot mess by upgrading your appearance with safer stay-at-home beauty tips.

Taking care of your hair

Try out new hairstyles, have fun with different hair accessories, and always ensure that your hair is hydrated. If you notice your roots are showing, you can consider coloring hair at home with Madison Reed. You should also stay away from damaging heat styling. Make a habit of extending the time between your washes by trying a good dry shampoo. This will keep your hair healthy till quarantine is over, and salons are open.

Taking care of your body

During quarantine, most people are not able to go to the gym. It is, therefore, essential to try simple exercises such as stretches at home to ensure your body stays limber and relaxed and to avoid being too stiff during this quarantine time. Ensure you always get enough sleep and establish a healthy sleeping pattern. It is essential to get your body rested and relaxed.

Taking care of your face

With this extra time, give your face a little extra attention. Take time to develop a skincare routine designed for your skin type and follow it every morning and evening. Think of this routine as you pampering yourself. With time you will start to understand the physical and mental benefits you will get for dedicating this time to yourself. Use PH-controlled cleansers and organic face masks at least twice per week.

Try to maintain your eyebrows by plucking out the few strays until you can get them professionally done. Do not try to shape your brows yourself as it can turn into a disaster very quickly. Trim the stray eyebrows with the growth of the hair rather than against it.

How to take care of your teeth

With all the time on your hand, commit to flossing your teeth every day. If you have stains between your teeth, put a little toothpaste on your floss and work it between your teeth for added assistance. You can also use over-the-counter teeth whitening toothpaste that are sold in pharmacies. Always ensure to follow instructions to get the best results and minimize sensitivity. If you wear retainers, use this time to wear them all around the clock to move your teeth into their original straight position. Don’t forget to smile on your face as it gives you a feel-good power boosting your mood.

Quarantine is a tough time, and everyone is experiencing the stress, panic, and terror of going through a pandemic. This is the best time to get productive, work on your body, enhance your image, and work on your mental health. You can take this time to bond with your family and practice wellness healthy behaviors. Do not forget to practice social distancing and try to be sane during this hard time.

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