How to improve your Memory with Scrabble

The average person encompasses a vocabulary of around 5 thousand words, however the quality Scrabble lexicon has around 100 and seventy eight thousand words. What’s the foremost effective thanks to increasing your vocabulary and translation that turn into exaggerated Scrabble scores?

One clear answer is reading. Reading is the absolute best thanks to increasing your vocabulary by exposing you to a bigger lexicon than you’d expertise in daily life. If you are not a frequent reader, choose a genre or topic that you just fancy and take a look at to browse if even only for fifteen or twenty minutes on a daily basis. If you cannot realize a decent book, devour a lot of ‘serious’ newspapers that do not focus chiefly on celebrity gossip. Use time spent on conveyance or lunch breaks as a decent chance to browse many pages. you will soon see a distinction in your Scrabble game – you may notice a lot of word prospects just because you have been exposed to a lot of words.

Another great way to extend your vocabulary is by doing Crosswords. Many minutes spent finishing a problem puts your brain into a lot of analytical frame of mind. the kind of skills required for a problem (determining the amount of attainable words which will work into a given space) interprets directly into a lot of versatile Scrabble play. As you advance through the less complicated crosswords, you’ll be able to progress to the advanced cryptic crosswords, that area unit orders of magnitude harder.

A third tip is to play similar word games like boggle or word searches, that exercise your mind in terribly comparable ways that to Scrabble. This continual activity trains your brain to recognise patterns of letters and allows you to become so much faster and simpler at taking part in these forms of games. Once Janus-faced with AN opponent United Nations agency does not observe, you are certain to win!

For those players United Nations agency area unit very serious regarding turning into a Scrabble professional, a decent thanks to increase your Scrabble vocabulary is to directly study Scrabble word lists, significantly people who target the high-scoring letter, X, Z, and J words.

These letters are used with so much less frequency within the West Germanic – for instance, letter and J area unit used around fifty six times less often times than E (the most typical letter). Learning even many of the shorter letters and J words can greatly raise your obtainable choices once one among these letters is on the board. However, at the end of the day you can use scrabble word finder to make things easier for you. It isn’t cheating, it’s sort of hacking your way to better memory.


No matter what you do, no matter what your job is it is a no-brainer that everyone needs to have great memory to truly succeed with what they are doing. Scrabble has always been one of the great ways to promote that.Always remember that you will need constant practice, a little “hacking” if necessary and a lot of patience to improve your memory. The more words you can memorize the better the results.

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