How To Appeal When Your Amazon Account Gets Suspended?

It’s not a new thing for Amazon suspending the seller accounts. Knowingly or unknowingly, some error occurs, which violates Amazon’s policies, ultimately resulting in an account suspension.

In this article, we will try to find information on the types of amazon suspended account and how to retrieve it by understanding amazon’s suspension appeal.

You Overextend Amazon’s Operational Metrics.

Whenever there are recurring instances of late shipments, defective shipping, or delayed tracking, Amazon doesn’t take it easy and suspends your account. The action taken by Amazon is simply to get your services on the right track and to provide good service to customers.

Let’s try to understand how to lift the suspension by amazon suspension appeal.

You should first communicate with Amazon via email and admit the problem and how customers had to suffer. Explain to them the corrective actions you have planned and how you will implement them at the earliest. Lastly, with an apology to Amazon and its customers, commit to a dedicated service hereafter.

Amazon will consider your plea and reinstate your account as early as possible, ranging from 24 hours to 4 weeks, depending on the damage’s span.

In this way, you can get relieved from your amazon suspended account.

You Have Violated Amazon’s Terms Of Service.

This scenario is confirmed when the seller knowingly or unknowingly violates the terms of services by indulging in selling fake products. The suspension can be for up to three years.

There’s no amazon suspension appeal for this problem, and it is to remain an amazon suspended account for a lifetime.

You may have to enter the business with a new entity, with a new business name, new email id etc. It may also happen that Amazon may not release the accumulated funds by your business if you try to act smart with Amazon and get detected.

Amazon Mistakenly Suspends Your Account.

Sometimes, there may be a misunderstanding from Amazon about your account and connect the pending issue account with yours.

To get rid of an amazon suspended account with this scenario, you can always go for an amazon suspension appeal.

You will need to submit all documentary evidence like shipping receipts, invoices etc., to convince Amazon that your business is different from what Amazon had planned to take action.

Though your ban may be lifted, it takes a substantial time for the heat to cool down and set everything on track again.


When you sell your products on Amazon, you should be very careful with the terms and policies. Amazon is very particular in protecting its customers’ rights. Therefore, any flaw from the seller’s side could result in the suspension of the seller’s account.

It’s imperative to be proactive and give minute attention to details like product quality, service quality, delivery times etc. In addition, you need to be careful about the products you sell from Amazon, whether genuine or fake.

Appealing to lift the ban takes a subsequent valuable time of yours, and we wish no seller should go through that experience.

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