Does Stem Cell Therapy Alleviate Chronic Knee Pain That Has Troubled Since Years?

Chronic knee pain is long lasting pain, swelling, or inflammation in one or both knees. Chronic knee pain can be caused by various factors, and there are numerous treatments available as well. Sore knees are frequent, and they are not always a sign of something dangerous. There are various causes, ranging from a simple muscle strain or redness to a serious inflammatory condition.

Knee discomfort is likely to grow more common as you get older. If you’re overweight, you’re also at a higher risk of developing knee pain. Knee discomfort is frequently the outcome of a sports or other type of injury. Minor knee pain can be treated at home with a cold compress and ointments, and you should start to feel better after a few days.

Recently, Stem Cell therapy has been considered a miracle remedy for a variety of ailments. This includes problems from wrinkles to spinal repair. Stem Cell therapy has shown great results in a variety of disorders, including cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, and hereditary disease.

Stem cells for knee arthritis, known as osteoarthritis (OA) may also be used. The cartilage that covers the bone’s ends, begins to degrade and wear away resulting in OA. As the protective covering on the bones wears away, the bones begin to rub against one another. This causes pain, and stiffness, swelling, and loss of mobility, which deteriorates the quality of life.

Dr. Sima Soltani from Podiatrist Clinic in Irvine uses stem cell therapy for knee pain. She has more than 20 years of experience in this profession and to date, she has treated thousands of patients with her excellent skills and knowledge. With stem cell therapy, they repair damaged knees, reduce inflammation and prevent the chances of knee replacement surgery. With their advanced technology and the latest tools and techniques, the Podiatrist Clinic in Irvine has given relief from knee pain to many patients.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Problem

  • Stem Cell therapy also allows your body to heal itself. Adult stem cells taken from bone marrow or fat are used in treatment.
  • Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can transform into any type of cell the body chooses. They can be extracted and injected into injured areas to speed up the healing process.
  • Stem cell injections can help reduce inflammation, heal injured tissue, and perhaps prevent knee replacement surgery.
  • A needle is used to extract some bone marrow or fat tissue. After that, the stem cells are extracted from the tissue.
  • The stem cells are then infused into the damaged area. The procedure could take up to an hour.

Home Care for Knee Pain

Even though there are therapies like stem cell for knee pain and knee replacement surgery, but the best way of treating knee pain is through home remedies unless the pain is unbearable.

  • Protect the knee from getting hurt by covering it with padding, splinting, or a knee cap.
  • Give it ample rest by reducing mobility and other activities that put stress on knees, like standing for long.
  • Ice compress is the best way of treating inflammation, swelling, and pain in the knee. Repeat cold compress 2-3 times a day.

Stem cell therapy and knee pain have been a hot topic for many years. Several patients find relief from knee discomfort using stem cell therapy. As a result, it’s critical to discuss your options and risk factors with your doctor to choose the most appropriate treatment option for you.

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