A Guide to Purchase an Amazing Wedding Ring in Singapore

If you and your beloved choose to wear wedding rings in a unique style, that reflects your affection and love towards each other, then referring a wedding ring guide would be the best option. This will surge you to select your own awesome design from many matching probabilities with confidence.

Fortunately, you can get wedding rings of different metals. Each of them has unique style and feature. Metals like platinum, white gold, palladium, rose gold, yellow gold, titanium, silver, tungsten, zirconium, ceramic and steel are the most popular to purchase in Singapore.

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Styles of wedding rings                        

You can have shared prong diamond rings, scalloped pave diamond rings and French pave diamond rings, which are popular for wedding, and the rings are embedded in pretty diamonds. Some more styles are platinum rings or plain gold, eternity rings and sapphire rings with gemstones embedded in them.

Men’s wedding rings also include gemstone, diamond, and classic metal bands in different styles that range from traditional designs to trendy. These styles are like classic, modern, nature, and vintage for both.

Types of wedding rings

You can get wedding rings in different shape, style and comfort. Wedding ring has to fit throughout your life that describes your love and feelings.

Here is a list of some of the wedding ring types –

  • Comfort fit wedding ring – oval shape and less metal touches the finger.
  • Flat wedding band – pipe shape and contemporary.
  • Half round wedding ring – rounded top and traditional.
  • Diamond wedding rings – diamonds encircle the ring.
  • Fancy wedding rings – features symbols or unique designs.
  • Plain wedding rings – simple with platinum or yellow gold.
  • Wedding ring wraps and guards – set with diamonds and gem stones.
  • Color gemstone wedding rings – made with amethysts, rubies and more

Your journey up to the marriage will bring you a lot of happiness, but a wedding day ring adds more and more colors and memorable moments to you and your spouse throughout your life. So, shop for the right one for your love by choosing the best store in Singapore and select your favorite style wedding bands for your special day.

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