A Fashionista’s Guide To Necklace Shopping

Most people find it challenging to find a necklace that compliments their outfit. A good necklace can match any outfit and create a focal point on your body. Additionally, it gives you a sense of fashion, and if it’s a gift, it allows you to perform the classically romantic gesture. You need to keep many considerations in mind when looking for a necklace, such as the size and the make.

Further, you need to consider the body type, especially if you are looking for jewelry for women. This article will explore a fashionista’s guide to necklace shopping.

The Standard Necklace Length Guide

Necklaces are made to fit different lengths of your neck. Most of the necklaces are often sold in even-inch lengths and a guide where the necklaces should fall. When looking for necklaces, you can look at reputable brands such as moonglow to get the best size.

Moonglow Jewelry has beautiful pieces that come in different sizes and can fall in the length you like to compliment your looks. Most measurements are often made for the average body but can fail to indicate where the necklace will fall.

You should note that traditionally a 16” necklace falls around the base of the neck for an average person. However, if you are petite, the necklace might hang loosely around the neck and will often fall just at the collarbone.

Factors To Consider

1.    Necklace Shape

When looking for a necklace, it’s important to consider the shape of the necklace. Most pendant necklaces are often V-shaped and create a vertical line depending on length. This article is beautiful to help add length to your frame and entire neck. When looking for the best shape, you can wear a locket necklace that breaks up and helps soften a large bust and strong shoulder. A traditional rounded necklace often adds volume and interest to small shoulders and busts.

2.    Body Type

It’s important to note that people’s eyes will often stop at the place where your necklace ends. If you don’t want people staring at your bust, you can consider choosing a necklace that doesn’t end there. When you want to showcase a certain part of your body, look for a necklace size that ends there. It’s also great to consider choosing a beautiful necklace to compliment your look, and charmed necklaces are a great option. If you love your waist, you can look for a long necklace that ends at the natural waist area. Additionally, if you have a large breast, avoid necklaces that land below it, as they will not hang properly and will bounce around.

3.    Face Shape

Necklaces can help frame your face and showcase your strongest facial features by altering how your face is perceived. Women with rounded faces should avoid chokers as they accentuate roundness in shape. Irrespective of the shape of your face, wear a moon silver necklace as it’s shiny and will complement your looks. Oval-shaped faces have the advantage of wearing any size and shape without being odd.

Wrapping Up

The above are crucial considerations when looking for a necklace. Knowing your body is important to ensure you get the right necklace that compliments you. Additionally, ensure you choose the right size of necklace that showcases your body and makes you feel great.

Infographic created by Anna Sheffield, Offering a Wide Array of Customizable Engagement Rings Online

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