7 Secrets of Great Owner-Pet Relationships

For centuries, man has been cultivating relationships with animals, particularly cats and dogs. This age-old bond continues and will likely persist for as long as humans and animals co-exist. If you own a furry friend, you sure know the feeling of deep happiness when you’re with your prized pet.

Here are seven secrets of improving your relationship with your pets:

Enroll them in a pet training school.

While you can train your pets to obey your commands, it can be a long and hard uphill climb. You can save yourself the trouble by entrusting your pets’ training to a certified dog trainer. And when it comes to teaching pets to respond to particular commands, it’s always better to start them young.

If you have puppies, then you should enroll them in a special pet school that handles training for puppies. Such an agency has certified dog trainers who know animal behavior well and can teach dogs to obey their fur parents’ commands, as well as modify particularly negative dog behaviors. Starting your pets while they’re still puppies will go a long way in grooming them to become well-behaved and obedient life companions.

Don’t forget to play together regularly.

Dogs and cats are like humans in their desire for interactions and quality time with the people they love. You should, thus, regularly play with your furry pets to strengthen your bond. This shouldn’t take much of your time each day as a 15-minute play is more than enough to let your pets feel that you care for and love them.

Find time to study animal behavior.

It’s not enough for you to establish authority over your pet friends, but you should also take time to study their behavior. Your pets may not communicate with you verbally about their feelings but their facial expressions and body language say a lot about their current emotional state.

Dogs, for example, have very specific behavioral signals that give away their feelings and desires. You can easily decipher your pets’ body language by getting books on animal behavior or watching YouTube tutorials that explain everything about pet behavior.

Cuddle up.

Touch is such a simple, yet powerful gesture that could spell the difference between a submissive and loving pet and a distant one. By regularly petting and cuddling your pets, you’re not only lowering their stress level and easing their anxiety, but you’re also creating a tighter bond as a fur baby and fur parent.

Groom them.

Grooming your pets is another great way to build and strengthen your relationship with them. Like us, pets also crave to be groomed and pampered every now and then. The simple gesture of giving them a refreshing bath during summer or brushing their teeth is helpful enough in letting your pets know that you care for them deeply.

Practice positive, instead of negative discipline.

This may be challenging especially during days when you’re stressed and your pets are playful. However, flaring up just because your pets want to play with you can have negative effects on them and strain your bond.

Instead of yelling at them when they want to cuddle or play with you, choose not to respond to them and stay calm instead, so they won’t force their desire. You could also just opt to pet them for a few minutes just to lower their energy level. If you’re really stressed out coming home, this could actually work to your advantage as it could release your stress and help you relax a bit.

Respect their nap time.

If you don’t want people disturbing your sleep, so do your pets. Just like people, pets such as cats and dogs also get tired and desire undisturbed sleep. Quite often, children and pet owners give in to their desire to play with their pets who are deep in pet dreamland. If you or anyone in your household has this bad habit, then you should stop it at once.

Aside from raising your pets’ anxiety level, disturbing their slumber could also make them despise you and weaken whatever bond you have created. So, instead of waking up your pets while they snooze, wait for them to wake up on their own before you initiate playtime. This way, your pets are well-rested and be in the perfect mood to have quality time with you.

Your furry friends deserve all the love and attention they can get from you. With these seven tricks, improving your relationship with them will not only be easy but enjoyable and meaningful as well.

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