5 things to keep in mind before buying CBD oil

The CBD is receiving much attention, not only in the community of people who love cannabis, but among doctors, athletes and celebrities. This compound, which comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant, and is not psychoactive, is known for its multiple therapeutic benefits. And that is what has unfortunately caused a variety of CBD oils on the market that are sold without meeting the proper regulations. That is why we list some basic conditions to take into account before buying Best CBD Oil.

Extraction methods

It is vital to ensure that the oil has used a “clean” extraction method, such as CO₂ or organic ethanol, as it allows the resinous heads of the trichomes to be fully extracted without leaving harmful residues. The extraction method used should be known on the company’s website. It should also be noted that it does not have excess plant material, so you should try to avoid dark and pasty oils, and preferably buy the purest and golden ones.

Transparent supply

The source of oil CBD is another important factor. The industrial hemp grown organically is a suitable material for making oils CBD. The cultivation method and the care the hemp receives are just as important as the extraction method.

That they have been tested in laboratories

When buying a CBD oil especially to treat a disease, it is very important to ensure even more of its optimal quality. In order to verify this, the product must have been subjected to laboratory tests by third parties to avoid conflicts of interest.

That does not contain THC or the limits allowed

Industrial hemp contains minimum percentages of THC, which should also be taken into account and removed in order to provide the best possible product. CBD oils with a THC level above the legal limit should be discarded immediately. Although there are still many loopholes in this regard, CBD oil with more than 0.3% THC is considered too high to be beneficial.

Flee from companies that promise to cure

One way to quickly know which CBD products should be discarded from our analysis, are those that promise us the cure of something. Avoid the cheapest products that offer lucrative solutions. The entire process should be done properly. And, of course, premium quality product will have a certain price.

In conclusion, there are many companies that make false claims to make money quickly but do not seem to care about what their customers are actually ingesting. Amid so much saturation of counterfeit products, it is difficult to find the product that best suits our needs. But if a company is able to offer you all the information that we have mentioned above, offering you premium quality and peace of mind, do not hesitate for a second.

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