Why Social Influencer Amber Massey Always Recommends Organic Growth

Subtitle: Organic Vs. Paid Growth: Social Influencer Amber Massey Weighs In

Amber Massey knows that gaining followers rarely comes easily, but she’s also seen just how much hard work can pay off. She details why it just makes more sense to grow organically for anyone looking to build a base.

Social influencer Amber Massey has nearly a million followers, a number she’s steadily built over for nearly a decade. She knows the pressure that other influencers face in the hustle culture of the world (and why it’s so easy to fall prey to the get-rich-quick traps). She has a few tips about why it’s better to go for organic growth in her line of work.

Organic Is Another Word for Genuine

Amber Massey isn’t perfect, nor would she ever want to pretend to be. Her platform was built on being genuine, presenting natural flaws, and letting people come with her through a journey toward wellness. Her followers don’t necessarily have to look to her as a role model, but rather a reminder that we’re all struggling, and sometimes it’s more than enough to get a brief respite from the daily stress we all face.

Picture-perfect advertisements, sponsored posts, and one-time gimmicks simply won’t get these values across to the readers, though. While paid search engine optimization (SEO) might work for a new dentist in town, social influencers are not the same. The latter needs to build genuine connections with their audience, and that takes time.

Pushing Through the Noise

Amber Massey knows that some social influencers explode from seemingly out of nowhere, and it can be tempting for other people to want this too. However, her success was born from being willing to push past the perceptions and myths of social influencing instead of focusing on perfecting her communication and offering real value to the people interacting with it.

So instead of pushing products based on her take of the products, she looked for items of real value and offered real discounts to her readers. Instead of just talking about healthy eating, she’s written thousands of healthy recipes over the years. As a Nutrition Science graduate, she put her real-world education to the test for the sake of others. It’s this kind of selfless effort that people would respond to.

Amber Massey on Making It

Putting the time into organic growth can be frustrating at first. It might seem as though all those hours are simply evaporating into the ether without any hope for the future. However, social influencing is much like any career — it takes a lot of consistency and passion for sailing to the top of your game. Amber Massey encourages everyone out there to remember this when they feel like they’re stuck in the trenches.

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