What to Do Before and During an Office Renovation

There are two reasons you would want to remodel or renovate your office space. One, you want your workers to be more productive and have more collaborative space. Two, the space needs to be renovated owing to structural damage and aesthetic appeal. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to renovate your office, it’s important to include your employees in the equation.

First, you should call a termite control company in Utah. Since you’re renovating your office, this is a good time to have it treated, too, against termites and other pests. Make sure to do this before the renovation starts. Construction work will “shake” walls, ceilings, and posts, triggering the spread of termites and pests to other areas of the office.

Ask the All-important Questions

Is it more economical than relocating? Is this the best option? Why do you want to have your office renovated? Can you afford it? Are you going to dip your hands into your business’ savings? After answering these questions satisfactorily, you can start planning your renovation project.

One of the major considerations when redesigning an office space is the state of your employees. Where will they work if large areas of the office will be under renovation?

Make a Plan with Your Employees

Consult your employees regarding their work arrangements. How will they fulfill their tasks if their present office areas are not available? Meet with them to find out what will work for the best. Some of them may be able to do their work from their homes or at a coworking space. Others may have to come in even if some parts of the office are being renovated.

For productivity purposes, you must find out the best arrangement for your employees. Where will they be most comfortable in? Are they willing to work in the office even if there’s an ongoing construction? Should you foot the bill for a coworking space that can accommodate the whole team? Your operations should not be hindered by the construction project.

Talk to Your Building Manager

If you’re sure about your plans to renovate, it’s time to talk to the building manager or your landlord. What kind of renovations and redesigns are you allowed under contract? Maybe the landlord would want to shoulder some of the structural expenses since that’s their responsibility. You would also need the architectural and engineering documents to see what you’re working on. You will use these documents as a guide to your project.

Keep Communication Open

Even when you’re busy with the renovations, you should keep tabs on the productivity level of your team. Keep getting involved in the projects your team is working on. At the same time, don’t leave everything to the contractor. Make sure that you’re in constant communication with the contractor, landlord, architect, and even the other tenants in the building. While it can be stressful to keep tabs on all these, being up to date on plans and work schedules will fulfill your renovation goals.

Studies find out that productivity levels among employees increase when the office space is well-designed and spacious. Renovating your office may seem like a lofty goal, but if it’s going to help your employees work better, then you should consider doing it. Transforming your office space may be the key to your business’ success.

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