What Are the Top 5 Cities for Corporate Event Planners?

Every city has its own unique features, attractions, cuisines and style that make it appealing for events. However, there are some cities that take it up a notch, with excellence and atmosphere that put them a step above the rest.

Here are the top 5 cities for corporate event planners.

1. New York City

Imagine planning and hosting events every day in the city that never sleeps. For corporate event planners, NYC is the place to be.

New York City features hundreds of hotel rooms as options, along with historical landmarks, museums and public institutions. The breadth of event venues alone makes NYC the top choice for corporate event planners.

Add in the locations – waterfront spaces, Times Square, Central Park, Wall Street and five boroughs full of neighborhoods. The style, taste and tone you’re going for can be found in New York City.

New York City Also offers accessibility. With three major international airports in the metro area, your attendees and guests can easily get to New York any time of year. It can also accommodate small groups or large-scale corporate events at venues like the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (840,000 square feet of exhibit space), the New York City Midtown (151,000 square feet) and New York Marriott Marquis (101,450 square feet).

There are limitless cultural opportunities, performing groups and talented entertainers throughout New York City. There’s a reason that the top corporate event planners like Twenty Three Layers call New York City home.

2. Chicago

Chicago, like New York, is home to major transportation hubs (two international airports), along with extraordinary experiences, corporate headquarters of major Fortune 500 companies and lakefront event locales.

McCormick Place is the largest meeting space in North America, with more than 2.6 million feet of exhibit space. There are 45,000 hotel rooms in downtown Chicago and the second-largest transportation system, with eight L train lines and 129 bus lines.

Location is key to Chicago’s popularity as a corporate event planner. With its central US location, it’s easy to fly in for events from all corners of the country, usually with a direct flight.

3. San Francisco

West Coast locales get no better than San Francisco. An historic location that’s miles from Silicon Valley, the oceanside venues, a character-rich downtown and 33,000 hotel rooms make San Francisco a popular choice for corporate event planning.

The high-speed BART public transportation system, and the historic cable cars, provide lots of transportation options. A dry, warm climate in the summers and cooler weather the rest of the year make it a great spot for an event.

4. Orlando

If you want to mix family-friendly fun with your corporate event, you can’t find a better spot than Orlando. Walt Disney World and dozens of other theme parks make it a popular destination year-round. Diverse dining, entertainment and recreation options make it a great spot for lower-key corporate events.

5. Boston

A city steeped in history, surrounded by neighborhoods celebrating culture and cuisine, Boston features a walkable downtown and the MBTA subway and bus system. American history, passionate sports fans and a small-city vibe make Boston an excellent choice.

You have options when it comes to corporate event planning. NYC is a smart choice, but there are other good venues around the country to consider.

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