Virtual Assistance Is The Backbone Of Online Shopping

e-Commerce is simply buying or selling goods or exchanging money through different channels with the help of electronic media which we referred to as internet. Now people has got used to this thing so with the help of this e- commerce they don’t have to go somewhere or to someone in order to transfer any money or buying any products. People who don’t have time to visit market or stores e- commerce is the best thing in their life. So e- commerce can be done through any devices.

So whenever any customer is placing an order, then there are many departments which will help the customer to place the order successfully. There is an order manager who will go through the order that has been placed ,will check its availability ,then he will forward it to financial department when it got cleared then the customer can see that his order has been placed successfully.

Now here in this process ecommerce virtual assistant plays an important role. He has to look after the logistics, the way order has been placed, availability, payment mode whether it is cash on delivery or the customer has paid instantly. Also he keeps an eye in the tracking of order and updating the customer regarding it. If there is any cancellation or return of the product virtual assistant will look into it. So e-commerce virtual assistant must be highly skilled and must have a good knowledge about products. So this is not a real person it is a bot which will help the customer with the orders and also gives solution to their problems. It is active whole day as e- commerce is a huge business to manage it effectively we need someone 24/7. Someone people do have confusions regarding certain products and needs a human interaction to give them a detailed overview then this virtual assistant will talk like humans.

Now Amazon virtual assistant works differently they hire people part time or full time it depends on their demands. Now when we scroll for products in amazon then there we can see many discounted products for a particular day or we can refer to the big billion sale , so virtual assistant much monitor these things very minutely so that the company can gain more profit than the others. His duty was to provide ideas and follow a certain strategy and also to understand customer’s need. This research is needed so that Amazon can score well.

So Customer support also plays a vital role so whenever a customer is having any doubt then a virtual assistant must be there to attend them to clear their doubts this will increase the productivity and also goodwill of the company. Customer reviews really matters as it denotes the authenticity.

Orders must also be place in a sequential manner with proper bar codes, packing and tracking details. So this whole process been look after by Amazon Virtual assistant so that the customer can receive their product on time and perfectly.

So in Amazon the role of virtual assistant is tedious and with full responsibility, so the people who are skilled in dealing business mostly get hired so that they can be profitable to the company.

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