Various Options of Hand Sanitizer 

With the COVID-19 infection becoming rampant in India, the need for maintaining personal hygiene has become more important than before. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised people worldwide to follow certain precautionary measures, including wearing a mask in public, maintaining two-metre social distancing, and frequently using hand sanitizers or washing hands to prevent the risk of infection.

Many healthcare experts suggest frequently washing hands with soap and water every time you touch any surface or come home from the outside can effectively reduce the infection risk. It may not always be possible to wash hands with soap and water, especially when you are outdoor. In such a situation, carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer can be handy. There are many online sanitizer products available in different forms – such as spray-based, foam-based or hand gels.

The hand sanitizers are typically a disinfectant solution that contains about 60% to 70% or more alcohol, and they are known to be effective in killing harmful germs and bacteria. Today, in the purview of the COVID-19 situation, there are different types of sanitizers available in the market. There are gels, liquid sanitizers, alcohol-based sanitizers, silver nanoparticles-based sanitizers, foam-based sanitizers, etc.

While the alcohol-based sanitizers are highly effective, it may not be suitable for all, especially if you have sensitive skin. The alcohol concentration can make the skin dry, and sometimes it can lead to irritation, itching, and other skin infection. If you are looking to buy online sanitizer and are unsure which type to buy, it is better to decide based on who you are buying it for and the setting where you use it. The followings tips will help you:

For School Children:

Children’s skin is sensitive, but at the same time, their hands are most likely to attract germs and dirt. Educational facilities recommend schools to use non-alcohol-based sanitizers for general use. It protects the skin, keeps hands germ-free, and lasts longer. Such sanitizers are cost-effective for schools.

Adults working in commercial areas

Whether you’re going to the office or any commercial spot, foam or spray hand sanitizers work well. It is good for general use and best suitable for high traffic areas. Foam or spray-based online sanitizer help keep your hands germ-free. For commercial spaces, this is the best fit option in terms of budget.

For Healthcare professionals

Since doctors, nurses, and the hospital staff are at maximum risk of being exposed to germs, bacteria, and other microbes, alcohol-based gel sanitizers are highly recommended. The product’s viscosity ensures it will dispense directly and stay in the palm until you rub them together.

Adults working in Hospitality

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the hospitality business has witnessed record lows in patronage. As the new normal sets in, many hotels have now started functioning with COVID-safety guidelines. Depending on the type of service offered, if the hotel is actively engaged in serving food, gel sanitizers are advisable. For hotel lobby, entrance, and exit, hotels can use foam or spray sanitizers.

Online sanitizer does the same job, killing 99.9% germs and bacteria. Each facility should choose depending on the ease of use and convenience.

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