The Best Ways to Become an Italian Citizen

Among the major reasons foreigners relocate to Italy is to get citizenship. Thanks to job and investment opportunities, Italy is an appealing European country to relocate to.

Regardless of the reason you decide to move to Italy, you may acquire citizenship after a particular period in various ways. Some of these ways may include the following:

1.     Descent

Citizenship by descent, also known as Jure Sanguinis, is among the simplest and quickest ways to get Italian citizenship. If you are wondering how to become an Italian citizen by descent, there is no limitation to the number of descendants who may claim Italian citizenship under their maternal or paternal line. In addition, the country doesn’t have a limit when applying. This means that you may apply for citizenship through parents, great-great-grandparents, great-grandparents, and grandparents.

When understanding to get citizenship through descent, you should first know whether you qualify, as there are steps to follow to determine your eligibility. If your maternal or paternal grandfather had Italian citizenship, you can get citizenship as well. All you need to do is locate and get certified copies.

2.     1948 Court Cases

Before the mentioned year, Italian women that gave birth couldn’t pass their citizenship to their children. But the amendment to the constitution in 1948 gave women the same rights as their men counterparts, thus enabling them to pass citizenship to their kids.

You can qualify for Italian citizenship under descent since your maternal line goes through the woman that gave birth before 1948. However, you will need to submit your petition to the court and go before the judge so they can review your lineage files and documents. It may seem intimidating. Though the entire process is easy, and the chances of the judge deciding in your favor are very high.

3.     Naturalization

This is a process for individuals who have been living in Italy for ten years consecutively with a permanent residence status. With your permit for residence in the country, you will get permission to live there for five years. After that, you may apply for permanent residence status.

Spending another five years in Italy gives you the right to acquire Italian citizenship through naturalization. Within this time, you should live in Italy continuously, pay taxes, and have a regular source of revenue so as to be eligible for Italian citizenship through naturalization.

4.     Marriage

As a foreigner, you may get citizenship through marriage. According to Article 5, Law No. 91, spouses of Italian citizens may get citizenship by marriage. However, you don’t get citizenship immediately after getting married.

If you get married to an Italian and you are a stateless person or foreigner, you may apply for citizenship in two major ways. You can apply after two years if you live in the country. Another way is to apply for citizenship after three years when you decide to live in another country.

Concluding Remarks!

Citizenship in Italy can ordinarily be gained through descent or by birth. But you can also get Italian citizenship by naturalization if you have lived in the country for ten years and through marriage if you get married to an Italian.

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