Steer Clear from Spider Around the House

People typically do not like the idea of spider and spider webs around there house. Hiring spider control in Wentzville allows you and your family to have a healthier and safer living zone. While hiring a professional is always a good idea, there are certain things that you can do on your own to keep spiders away from the house.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a strong component that is not also effective in keeping spiders away, as well as other pests. The strong smell of this oil is too extreme for these small creatures, making peppermint oil a great repellant for the creepy-crawly insects.

Mix pure peppermint oil with water in a plastic spray bottle and spray on the areas where spiders tend to appear the most. This mixture will last longer if you keep it in a bottle, and you can mitigate the risk of irritating your skin.

Keeping Your House Clean

Clutter attracts spiders, and they like to build their homes in accumulated boxes and items that are just stored away. Keeping your house clutter-free and clean is one of the best ways to protect your house from spiders.

Dust your house at least once a week, and make sure to put away all the unnecessary boxes and packages before they attract spiders. If you see any cow webs, remove them when you clean.

The cleaning of the exterior of the house is even more critical. Remove vegetation that is growing closer to the perimeter of your house. This will help in removing the places where spiders to abode.

Cedar for Savior

Spiders do not enjoy the smell of cedarwood, so you can use this ingredient to steer clear from spiders. Ensure that you use good quality cedar oil or wood for the purpose.

Choose quality cedar oil and mix it up to water and pour it in a spray bottle. Simply spray the mixture on the exterior of your house to get rid of spiders. It is one of the best natural remedies that have been used for ages.

Adopt a Pet

Pet improve the environment of your house in every possible way. Cats would be the best option when it comes to using a pet to get rid of spiders.

 Cats have been great hunters for a really long time. They tend to catch everything that they see sprinting across the floor. While cats are not the most effective solution, they can help you along the process.

Bridge the Gaps

Gaps between the pipework, doors, walls, etc. are perfect places for spiders to make their home. If you have seen spiders in your house, this could be one of the reasons. Check around the house to see such gaps and fill them up.

Final Thoughts

Spiders crawling around the house are a serious health concern, and they impact the aesthetic appeal of your interior as well. So taking precautionary measures to get rid of these crawly creatures is important to build a safe living environment.

However, if these above methods do not control the spiders in your house, then you should let professionals do the job. A spider control company uses professional products to treat the spiders in your house. They have the necessary tools to get rid of the spiders across the house and keep your house safe and free of any insects.

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