Protecting wooden surfaces from termites

If you have been recently noticing damage to wooden surfaces at your home, you need to invigilate on the presence of termites at your premises. Termites are small insects that mostly prefer to live in mild climates. With the feature of not being visible quickly to the human eye, termites can be living in foundations, windows, and door frames in your home without being visible for ages. Since these termites feed on wood, damage to the wooden furniture is the first noticeable sign indicating termites’ presence. One might need  termite control Hillsboro assistance to confirm the presence of termites. 

The damage caused by termites may look less as it is unsightly. In the long term, termites can cause such extensive damage to the home to the point that it can collapse. As per the University of Kentucky, termites eat around 12.9 pounds of wood per year—without being noticed. They are known to create billions of dollars of damage annually. It makes it clear that it is essential to be sure that your house does not cause damage to it. 

Signs to Confirm the presence of termites 

  • Termites are known to make quite clicking sounds as they bang their heads against the wood or shake their bodies. If you put your ears close to any wood infested by termites and you can hear them munching away, their presence is confirmed.
  • Presence of flying termites called swarmer or alates.
  • Look at the walls to find small narrow mud tubes which they use for protection. 
  • Termites have a peculiar property of shedding their wings when not used. After forming into colonies, they shed their wings as they are useless. When you find any pile of wings, it could be an alarm to indicate the presence of termites at home.
  • Stiff windows and warped doors can also indicate the presence of termites.

If you know your neighbourhood suffers from termites’ problem, you should be more cautious and consider getting a timely inspection. You could request a free inspection from termite control Hillsboro services to confirm the termite presence and damage caused by them. You will also get a detailed report regarding the same. This report plays a vital role in selling your property in the future. You could request professional assistance, making you understand the treatment process and the cost involved in repairing the property. 

Dealing with the termites

If your premises have been detected positive with the presence of termites, you could consider various treatment options available like:

  •    Destroy Shelter Tubes
  •    Use Termite Bait
  •   Use Termite Traps
  •  Natural ways like using Orange oil, citrus fruits, and boric acid

Staying safe from termites

The termite monitoring stations help to stay safe from termites in the long term. These are set up in your yard and attract the termites before they form colonies inside the home. A timely professional inspection can further help in ensuring that your home is safe from termites. 

Dealing with termites is not easy, and one might need a professional’s help to permanently get rid of them. One can get rid of termites through treatment options, but it is not a lifelong solution. It would be best to have timely inspections and a cautious eye to keep your house safe from termites.

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