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Anyone can make money. Okay: Anyone with common sense can make money. In this article we look at ways to increase your capital without the help of exceptional talents (so you don’t have to be a professional footballer), but with the help of smart, sensible actions.

The purpose of these tips is therefore not to ‘get rich’ or as you often read on the internet to become a millionaire in a few steps. You can safely take such articles with a grain of salt. These tips rarely come from experts by experience, at least: I assume that most of my fellow editors are not millionaires, just like me. These tips are intended to encourage you to think, act wisely and make the right choices within your means, for right wealth Formula to save more you can read more here.

 Why building wealth is wise

Building wealth is always wise, but it may be a dire necessity for our generation. That may be a bit exaggerated, but the fact is that interest and pensions are not really getting along well. The future does not look very bright in this area either. Everything you can build up in capital yourself is a nice plus. In addition, you have now reached a point in your life where it is no longer really accepted to sit at a broken washing machine because you cannot afford a new one.

Is your income sufficient?

Building wealth starts with generating sufficient basic income. ‘Sufficient’ is of course a vague term, a subjective one too. What is (more) sufficient for one person is only just sufficient for another. You can speak of sufficient when, after all your obligations and (fixed) costs, you are structurally left with an amount that you can save or invest.

Having a sufficient income does not necessarily mean earning a lot. With a net income of 2000 euros per month you can live fine if you live affordably and do not have too many burdens. Likewise, you cannot make ends meet with an income of five thousand euros a month if you live dearly, drive an expensive car and spend all your pennies on expensive items and new gadgets.

The most important question you should ask yourself is: is my income sufficient to build up a capital?

The most important question you should ask yourself is: is my income sufficient to build up a capital? If so, you can proceed with the following steps. If not, there are basically three options: accept that you cannot build a capital structurally, reduce your costs or increase your income.

Of those three options, increasing your income sounds like the most difficult option. In a way it is, but almost nothing is impossible. Nobody told you it would be easy. If your income is insufficient, you can simply generate more income by working extra, if necessary in the form of a side job.

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