Let’s Talk About Dabbing – The New Way to Smoke Cannabis

Dabbing is the most modern and the most dangerous way of consuming cannabis, like weed edibles. Those who are addicted to dabbing have painful stories that one would be sorrowful while listening to them. To get rid of these tensions and painful past experiences, people use weed edibles through dabbing (visit to buy high-quality edibles). Being the most dangerous method of consuming Marijuana, it can be the best way to get highly penetrating results. Let’s get to the introduction of dabbing.

What is dabbing?

For understanding dabbing, first, you need to know about concentrates. Concentrates are one of the four basic types of cannabis; the other three are the flower concentrates, edibles, specifically the weed edibles, and the incidental umbrella of topicals/colors. Dabbing is a process of heating these concentrates and consuming them through smoking.

Concentrates are the oils prepared by using the technique of separating trichomes from dry or frozen cannabis flowers. These are commonly known as extracts. Concentrates are commonly known as dabs and vape trucks in the drug market.

What are Dabs composed of?

Dabs are highly saturated dosages of cannabis that are made by THC extraction and other cannabinoids. These extractions are done using miscible compounds like butane (C₄H₁₀)or carbon dioxide (CO2), which gives oils as a product. These cannabis concentrates include wax, break, budder, and butane hash oil (BHO).

Cannabis wax and different dabs are commonly heated on a hot surface. Generally, a nail, and afterward breathed in through a dab rig. For the past ten years, Smoking dabs has become a technique for the consumption of these extractions.

Non-intoxicating compounds like CBD and THC can be extracted easily. The secret of weed edibles’ strong effect and smoking cannabis is in these two compounds CBD and THC. These compounds are used to make many dabs the quickest and most professional approach to get ridiculously stoned. Terpenes, or the sweet-smelling oils that give cannabis flavor, can also be extracted, even though it very well may be hard to protect these unstable mixtures in the extraction cycle.

How would you dab?

To dab, you need dabs concentrates and a dab rig, most importantly. A dab rig is a bong extract. Like bongs, dab rigs come in all shapes and sizes. They have three principal parts: the glass body, the nail/banger, and the mouthpiece. To utilize a dab rig, you’ll need a light or e-nail to heat your banger, a dab device to move the oil to your banger, and a glass of water close by because you’ll need it at the very first time of consuming.


  1. Take Dabs concentrates and a good Dab rig
  2. Heat the banger with a lighter
  3. Wait until the banger cools down to a temperature that will not harm your throat.
  4. Put the concentrates into the dab rig and put it inside the banger.
  5. Suck the mouthpiece and enjoy at your high end
  6. After consuming, clean the banger thoroughly using a Q-tip.

Some extras may give you a high-level enjoyment, like carb covers, which are glass covering that cover your banger and work like carbs on lines and bowls on bongs.

Carb covers help you get the greater part of your dabs by keeping the oil heated at a burnable temperature. To the extent the best dabbing temperature goes, it’s dependent upon you to track down your sweet spot. Many discover solace in that 400–550-degree zone.

Dabs Overdose

One most important thing that all dabbers should know that you should consider the power of THC before consuming it. Cannabis extracts usually measure between 60-90% THC and many people underestimate the strength of their concentrates.

Since people’s reaction to THC also varies, it’s best to start small and increase the amount of THC, if needed. There you have it. We hope you’ve enjoyed our small introduction to the world of dabbing. Remember these tips, take it slow from the beginning and we wish you a happy dabbing!

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