Is It Real or Not? How to Spot Fake Jewelry

Buying jewelry might not be as smooth-sailing as you think it is. With so many jewelry pieces and materials to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select the best pieces of jewelry that will suit your personality and taste. Whether you decide to buy a diamond ring in Utah or any other jewelry piece, you want to make the most out of them.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the eye for distinguishing the real deal versus the fake ones. For one thing, jewelry does not come cheap and comes with a price depending on the kind of metal and materials used. You also would not want to spend on something expensive, only to find out it is made from substandard materials that won’t even last for a long time.

How to detect fake jewelry pieces

A lot of people tend to get duped when buying fake jewelry, thinking that the gems are the “real deal.” Some of them look for cheaper jewelry, not realizing how the price can impact overall quality. It is vital to spot real from fake jewelry.

If you aren’t that good at telling the difference between fake and real jewelry, then you might be wasting your hard-earned money after all. Spotting fake from authentic jewelry takes more than just 20/20 vision. It also helps to have basic knowledge and apply simple techniques to detect phony jewelry.

  1. The magnet test

A magnet will be your trusted friend in spotting fake jewelry. Genuine gold jewelry will not stick to the magnet as it has no component that can attract the magnet. Otherwise, fake jewelry will easily attach to the magnet. The same goes when you try it on your gold necklace, ring, earrings, and other jewelry pieces.

  1. Look for markings

Real jewelry should have distinct markings that should confirm its authenticity. For example, sterling silver should have a 925 stamp or mark on it, which indicates that the jewelry is 92.5 percent made from silver. Or if you are planning to buy a gold ring, there should be marking for 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k directly on the jewelry item.

  1. Check the artistry

Another way to detect fake jewelry is to inspect its quality. Genuine jewelry should be able to withstand wear and tear. On the other hand, substandard jewelry tends to break and fade more easily, aside from being cheaper.

  1. Low prices might also mean lower quality

Just because you can buy jewelry that is way cheaper than popular pieces doesn’t mean that you get extra savings. In most cases, you get what you pay for. In the worst cases, the jewelry might contain metals that cause allergic reactions.

These are some practical ways to determine a jewelry piece’s authenticity. After all, who wants to wear fake jewelry anyway? Real jewelry, although expensive, can be one of the best personal investments you can ever have. It is meant to last a lifetime, so make sure to invest in good ones so that you can still pass it on to the next generation to come.

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