Is betting a side-hustle, a passion or full time job?

I have to start this article by saying that I’ve been passionate about soccer ever since I was a child and growing up I remained close to this sport. I also played it, but just as a passion and I never stepped out to a professional league or anything similar with that, it was just a way to spend a saturday evening with friends on the soccer field. Besides that, what I was really involved in was watching all the newest matches with my friends and sometimes with my dad.

After turning 18, I also discovered that I have a way to make this passion even more interesting than before: by placing soccer bets. I started slowly and steadily by placing an insignificant amount of money on my favorite soccer teams when I thought that they were going to win a game. Sometimes I was winning, sometimes I was losing, overall it was alright for me because I didn’t really care that much about it.

A few more years passed and I was chatting with a friend who told me that he’s doing this as one of his main activities and sources of income and it got me mesmerized. If before I was only looking at betting just like a passion or a relaxing activity, that time I was discovering a new way of doing it. My friend told me that he is using Football Mathematical Predictions in order to place bets that are almost all the time successful. It took me a while to understand so I asked him to give me more details about how it works and shortly after I got to know as much as possible I also joined the website that he told me about. So I started to be fascinated about Soccer Predictions and the way they worked. I immediately saw an increase in the percentage of winning bets that I was placing, so I couldn’t stop using it for a while after.

I forgot to mention, at that time I was having a full-time job so placing bets was just at a passion level which then turned more into a side-hustle while finding out about that way of placing more successful bets. For me, it never turned into the main source of income. Even if there are so many methods to place good bets almost all the time, I still don’t feel like putting all my eggs in this basket and I keep it just like a side-hustle. There were months when my winnings from betting were almost equal or sometimes higher than my paycheck, but considering my lifestyle I feel more relaxed when I can rely on a fixed and stable income and I can’t enjoy that flexibility and instability of sometimes winning a lot of money and sometimes a low amount or nothing at all.

My friend instead is the kind of person who likes to live like this and recently he also discovered the Football Predictions Artificial Intelligence which he told me that is the total game changer for betting. He likes to rely on this, he spends most of his time watching matches, doing research on it, finding new ways to be more productive with his bets and that works for him as both a passion and a job. So I’m curious about your perspective on betting. If you are reading this article most probably you are passionate about soccer betting as well, so do you think this is just a passion and you don’t even care about earning money or not out of it? Did you become good at it and it turned into a side-hustle which brings you some extra money every month? You are so successful with your bets that you quit your job and you do this as a full time job and rely on bets as being your main source of income? I can’t wait to read your perspective so don’t hesitate to write down in the comments section what’s your experience with it.

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