How To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Wood Furnace

You don’t need to be a wood furnace expert to use it most effectively. You can easily make the most of your outdoor wood furnace and save a lot on your resources, time and money. Let’s help you with that.

Control the rate of wood-burning

You should place the wood ‘bark first’ into the fire to control the speed of burning. As the fire will take a longer time to reach the wood, the burn time will be extended. You should try this method if you don’t need the heat immediately. Considering whether you want the fire to roar or need a slower burn, place the wood accordingly. For slower burns, you should put them ‘bark down’ into the furnace. You can also burn snowy wood in the same manner, as a roaring fire is not required if you don’t need the immediate heat.

Conserve the amount of wood

One burn per day is enough to keep the house warm, provided the temperature conditions are stable. Try to conserve the wood, as you would need them to keep the heat on. There’s no need to keep the fire on constantly. However, if your family members are almost always feeling cold, you’re going to need more wood.

outdoor wood furnace

Burn bitch barks

The bitch barks provide excellent fires. It’s best if you can get your hands on some species with papery barks. It’s the pine resin present inside the bark that burns so strong and produces ample heat to keep you warm in the colder months.

Plan your overnight burning endeavors

If you’re not planning to burn the entire firebox, and when you are burning wet wood, you should throw some logs at the back to keep them from burning instantly. When they dry out, you can rake them for better results. This will help you in the cases when you don’t want to start the fire from scratch in the morning. In the morning, you are likely to find one charred and smoldered log, which can be rekindled in a roaring fire.

Install a thermoelectric generator

Depending on the use of your outdoor wood furnace, you may install a thermoelectric generator to generate light and electricity from the heat of the burning wood. Although it’s quite expensive to generate large amounts of electricity using the thermoelectric generator, you can at least charge your solar batteries with its help.

Are you wondering how to optimize your wood-burning activities further? Get in touch with an expert for effective tips on the same.

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