How to deal with ironic comments inside the cam studio?

 Even if you activate in a non-adult cam studio, where you don’t have to undress or engage in any type of sexual activity to entice your members to spend as much time as possible inside the private chat, you could still encounter numerous pleasant or less pleasant situations. For example, members could surprise you with small gifts or even a short poem or song dedicated to you, or they could be rude or mean for no apparent reason. However, in this article, we will deal with another situation: ironic comments.

Some people have more humor than others, or at least they think they do, and they want to show it all the time, even if the context isn’t suitable. For example, inside the cam studio, you wouldn’t expect to be the target of ironic comments since members pay to see you, and talk to you and, presumably, they look up to you and want to impress you. However, some of them simply couldn’t help it or another possibility might be that they want to test you and see your reaction to their comments. Either way, you have to make sure you don’t lose it and react well.

Our friends at Studio 20 –, the biggest and most successful non-adult cam studio in the world, with locations on three continents (North America, Europe, South America), helped us understand how you should react if a member has an ironic remark towards you, either publicly or during a private session. First of all, what you should always remember is that members pay to interact with you. This is important from two points of view: first of all, it entitles them to take the conversation in any direction they want, as long as they remain polite. Secondly, if they decide to spend their money only to make fun, instead of something more productive and fruitful, it’s entirely up to them!

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Either way, if you encounter irony in the cam studio, you should keep your calm and give your members a taste of their own medicine. Of course, you have to do it politely and, if you choose this approach, you might be surprised where the discussion leads. Most of the time, when someone is slightly aggressive to you and you respond in the same manner, they tend to back out, and the same thing will happen here. Therefore, if one of your members is ironic towards your look or attitude, you should reply with a similar comment, and you will be surprised by their reaction.

Of course, this is quite a rare scenario inside a cam studio, but, as a webcam model, you have to be prepared for anything, either good or bad. Actually, the way you adapt to a certain situation is one of the most important aspects of everything you do, including your profession. People who can adapt to anything that happens in their life are considered the most intelligent, and you have to prove it again and again. Good luck!

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