Guide To Converting Bitcoin To Cash

 New Zealand-based Bitcoin ATM Cryptobase has brought the first bitcoin ATM to Seychelles, a remote island in the Indian Ocean.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting this new bitcoin ATM. The company has plans to bring forth more ATMs to locations worldwide. It would be great for central banks that may have been hesitant towards cryptocurrencies. They would now be able to get into digital currency and offer it as an alternative payment method in their countries.

There are already talks of the Seychelles government putting up its cryptocurrency; this could only be the beginning of a powerful alliance between both parties. Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean, is a great area to have a cryptocurrency ATM as its economy is strongly dependent on tourism and trade with East African countries.

The Bitcoin ATM is located at the Seychelles International Airport, the busiest international airport in Seychelles. It currently accepts eight currencies and will soon launch in-house trading of Seychelles Rupees for bitcoin, which may help prop its economy. Cryptobase ATM is also launching a bitcoin exchange, though it will be centralized, meaning it will not necessarily be related to Cryptobase themselves.

Another great thing about this Cryptobase ATM is that it will be available 24 hours a day, as Seychelles is located in the time zone of UTC+4:30. It may be good news to travelers passing through the airport. It may also mean that they could use it to get rid of some money either with or without exchanging it for bitcoin to exchange back at home when they arrive.

It is also a great idea to get people involved in bitcoin as it will give them a new way to purchase products and services. Cryptobase is giving the ATM away for free; however, it may create more demand than supply with the exchange.

How to convert bitcoin to cash:

Go to Cryptobase bitcoin ATM

Select Seychelles Rupees and enter the amount you want to withdraw.

After a few minutes, the money will be sent to your email address. After paying for the service, it is recommended that you have a backup paper wallet address in case your email gets compromised or lost.

Also, with other bitcoin ATM locations in the city, individuals that may not be able to operate a bitcoin ATM from the airport could use one at the mall or another area.

It is already a significant milestone for this company. Cryptobase ATM has proven that they are dedicated to bringing innovation and new technology to different world areas to help expand its own business and reach as many people as possible.

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