Brushing Tooth Mistakes – What to Avoid

Good oral hygiene will contribute to so many things in life. Well-maintained dental health will avoid development of some dangerous heart or pancreatic conditions in future. However, if the brushing method is wrong, then you are indirectly contributing to the poor health.

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Wrong Brushing Habits

Here are some of the mistakes when it comes to the brushing habits of people. 

  • Using the wrong type of brush 

The wrong toothbrush in this case mentions the size of the brush. If the brush is not an ideal one for you, then your oral cavity will not be cleaned thoroughly. The same goes for the big brush too. If it is too big, then the oral cavity will get damaged while brushing. Hence, you should consult your dental expert to find the ideal brush for you.

  • Brushing harder 

Stressing your brush while brushing your teeth is not the ideal way of cleaning your teeth. Brushing hard will not only damage the enamel of the teeth, but will also affect gum health in the process. Hence, brushing hard is a big NO.

  • Using the same toothbrush for months 

Your family dentist suggests changing your brush once every 3 months. After brushing two times a day, you should follow the idea of changing your brush once every 3 months because the brush that you use will be damaged or frayed. This will damage oral health over the months.

  • Rushing while brushing 

You cannot rush while brushing. You need to give enough time for brushing in your daily schedule because rushing will not cover complete oral health on a day. Everything requires its own time and the same goes for brushing too, and hence rushing while brushing is not suggested.

  • Brushing back and forth 

Brushing back and forth will not offer any advantage when it comes to oral health, and you might have heard it from your dentist as well. It will not only hurt your gums in the process but will also fail to address every nook and corner of your teeth. The prolonged wrong type of oral health may lead to cavities and even damaged teeth.

  • Forgetting the gum line

The region where tooth sprouts from the gum are the region that will be missed often while brushing. Even though it is a very small region, it can damage oral health, if not addressed properly. Hence, you should reach every nook and corner of the teeth while brushing.

Most of such habits can cause some damage to the enamel of teeth. Even though you have the option of cosmetic dentistry to rectify all damages on the teeth, you should avoid these above-mentioned mistakes for healthy oral health for longer years.

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