7 Differences Between Deep Cleaning and General House Cleaning

We try our best to do an excellent job to keep our lives running smoothly. When it comes to cleaning up, often an unenviable chore, we pat ourselves on the back whenever we get those tasks done.

There are several differences between regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

Yep, vacuuming and changing our sheets once in a while may seem like chores that will keep the place neat and tidy, but it is just the first step in keeping your home truly clean.

Here are some crucial differences between deep cleaning and general house cleaning.

Why Deep Clean At All?

General cleaning takes care of immediate and visible messes around the home and keeps your day-to-day life comfortable.

But when it comes to deep cleaning, that does a lot more. Even if you do general cleaning regularly, deep cleans are necessary to prevent the build-up of dust, mildew, mould, and bacteria.

This is especially important if you or any of your family members are sensitive towards allergens.

What this means is that, with deep cleaning, you will be getting better and cleaner air quality at home, a reduction in potentially hazardous substances that may build up naturally, along with the greater organisation.

Either you embark on this task yourself, or you hire in a professional cleaning company to do it for you.

Frequency of Cleaning

General cleaning can be done anywhere from daily to weekly to monthly. This is dependent on how much time and effort you expend, along with what kind of schedule you have.

For the more organised of us, you may have a general cleaning task list spread into daily, weekly, and monthly chores.

For deep cleaning, this should be done once every three to six months. This is because it involves a lot more work and is meant to take care of accumulated dirt.

How Far You Go

When you do general cleaning, what is primarily done is all the surface-level jobs. For deep cleaning, you get further into it.

Deep cleaning involves attacking all the hard-to-reach areas and those that are forgotten or even purposely ignored. When you deep clean, you will be cleaning with intensity and mindfulness that you do not have during general cleaning.

For example, during general cleaning, you may clean between the sofa seats, along with reposition cushions. With deep cleaning, you may wash all the covers and clean the base of the sofa, along with the floor underneath it.

What is Cleaned

To maintain the general cleanliness of your home, it is vital that you clean, wash and launder the items that you come into frequent contact with.

However, for deep cleaning, you purposely go for things that are less frequently used and, therefore, rarely cleaned.

In the kitchen, you may generally clean countertops and stovetops. When you deep clean, you should be cleaning inside the oven and looking for grease anywhere and everywhere.

Moving Beyond the Home

When you do deep cleaning, you should also move away from what is easily accessible, going so far as outside of the house.

Pipes should be examined and cleaned, and your yard and garden outside adequately maintained. External gutters and walls should be checked, as well as the roof.


It would help if you always took some time during deep cleaning to go through items in your house that may be obsolete or unnecessary. These can be put into storage, sold off, or donated.

When you declutter, also remember to check the contents of your refrigerator, pantry and closet. Do not just focus on items you can see on tabletops.

Home Maintenance

Deep cleaning also includes chores that you may not immediately classify as cleaning. You should go through your house and check if anything needs to be fixed or replaced.

This includes light bulbs and batteries. An especially important task is to see if your fire alarm and carbon monoxide alarms are in good working order.

Polishing Up

When you go through deep cleaning, you should also make sure that your house gets that extra polish. This can be accomplished by having your carpet thoroughly and professionally clean or having your floor polished.

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