5 Important Things to Pack for an Australian Road Trip

Australia has loads of long, open roads, and it takes hours or even days to drive between major cities. This makes it ideal for road trips, as you can drive down pretty much empty roads and stop and enjoy nature all around you. However, it also means that taking a road trip requires preparation, you can’t just get behind the wheel and go. Here are some important things to take with you when you drive across Australia.

  1. Sun protection

Even in the winter months, the sun can dazzle you and can be harmful even when you are in the car. Make sure you pack:

  1. Sunglasses – this will ensure you can see the road if the sun is in your eyes
  2. UV shades to protect kids in the back of the car
  3. A hat

Sunburn or sunstroke can sneak up on you. One minute you feel fine, the next, you are bright red or feeling sick. So, make sure even when you are in the car all day, you are protected.

  1. Water and snacks

If you’re used to driving in places with lots of service stations, then you may not be someone who packs food and drink when they hit the road. However, in many areas of Australia, you can drive for hours without a place where you can buy water or snacks, so make sure you have plenty of both. Remember, if you break down, then help can take a while to arrive, so prepare for all eventualities.

  1. Warm clothes

Even if you set off when it’s warm and sunny, the odds are, you will feel chilly in the car once the sun goes down. Don’t waste petrol by whacking up the heat. Pack some light jumpers that are still comfortable to wear in the car yet keep you nice and cosy.

  1. Overnight camping supplies

Hotels can be sparse in rural areas of Australia, and to be honest, they aren’t always great quality. You may prefer to sleep in your car in a designated camping area, which is cheaper and more adventurous. If you don’t have a motorhome, you could add a Ute canopy, like the one here: gives you basic shelter for the night, or provides a space for you to keep your tent and supplies if you want to properly pitch up.

  1. Things to do

Driving through Australia means there’s some pretty amazing scenery, but there can also be roads that are long and boring, so passengers in the car may soon get bored. As the driver, you may want to download some podcasts and music before you go. For kids, stock up on board games, colouring and other fun things to do, and don’t rely on having an internet connection if you are going through rural areas. It can get patchy.

If you’re planning an Australian road trip, make sure you have the right kit, and most importantly, plan for extra time so you can enjoy a leisurely pace and see more.

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